Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wednesdays Beads

I'm really enjoying my bead making at the moment and I was quite productive yesterday.

Again with the fire beads. I just need to make one more and then I'll be happy.

I wanted to make some more spacer beads in CIM Atlantis but was a bit surprised when the beads I pulled out of the kiln this morning were two different shades of dark tourquoise. I wasn't aware that I had done anything different when making the beads. I had a quick look on the CIM website and it looks like I will need to make sure I don't overheat this glass.

This glass is a bit of a mystery to me. It came in a batch of second hand glass that I bought and it wasn't labelled so I have no idea what it is. It's a gorgeous pink colour glass but it had lots of bubbles in it and it lost some of it's colour when made into a bead.

This is Effetre Sedona, I was really dissapointed with my first play with this glass. It is such a beautiful colour in the rod, a kind of gorgeous pinky purply colour. What I came out with was mostly brown. According to Frantz's website it is very similar to EDP and prone to devitrication. There's an article that tells you how to avoid it here:
Back in February I blogged about some goodies that I bought from Jo at Frit'n'chips.

One of the items I bought was Red River Rock silver infused shards. When I saw her at Flame Off I asked what the best colour glass was to use with them. So having decided that these lovely things that I have bought need to be used and not sat in a draw this is what I made.

Is'nt it gorgeous! It is a hollow bead made using CIM Bordello and the colours just pop when it is viewed in sunlight. I love it!

Not sure that I will get much bead making done over the next few days as my mum is visiting for my birthday.

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