Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hollow beads

I got together with my Mum and Sister the weekend before last and showed them some of the beads I had made. I managed to part with a few and my Sister particularly liked one of the hollow beads that I made. I had some more so sent them on to her. To me they were uneven in size and they had a few dings on them where they had touched in the kiln, but I suppose you would have to look quite hard to notice. She has made them into this fab necklace.

She made an enquiry for some more hollow beads to go with a dress she is wearing to a wedding. It is blue with white polka dots. Not sure which shade of blue yet but I thought this would be good to practice my hollows on. A bit wobbly to start but a definate improvement followed and the sun was out today!

As you can see they started a but wonky and large. These are Effetre Clear 006 and CIM Cornflower dots.

I got a bit carried away with the one on the left. It was clear with black dots that devitrified when I melted them in so I covered it in CIM French blue then dots of CIM Peace. The bead on the right is Effetre Mid Blue 054 with dots of CIM Peace

This is one of my new bead rollers from CG Beadsrollers. It's the Chunky Donut and I love it. I discovered that the largest donut is the perfect size for hollow beads and I am sure you can see the improvement in the beads below when I used it. The black I used is Reichenbach which went a little bit silvery. I wonder what they would look like etched?

This is what they look like off the mandrel.

 You can really see how wonky the 3rd one is now!

These beads are inspired by a collection of beads I saw for sale on Etsy. Aren't they gorgeous? Eventually I hope to make a set of my own.

They are still for sale at time of posting so here is the link http://www.etsy.com/listing/86370559/hollow-black-and-white-beads-set

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