Monday, 23 April 2012

Saturdays Beads

As you can see I am still obsessed with hollow beads, practicing my stringer and trying to perfect my fire bead for the FH monthly theme challenge.

I finally have enough beads that I am happy with to make this gorgeous necklace which I have teamed with some cute rubber spacer beads from Lush Lampwork. I bought the pvc tubing from Southampton Bead Shop.

Quite often my hollow beads fail, if there is even the smallest hole in the bead it collapses and the air gap inside becomes uneven, I don't like to waste these beads and use them as an opportunity to practice my new bead rollers or etch them. These three are such beads. I had a play with some frit on the second one.
These are the Ornate & Bicone Ribbed and Oval 8 bead rollers from Pegasus Lampwork Tools
I got to practice three things here, I pulled the stringer which is CIM Elphalba and Effetre Light Green 022, striking CIM sangre and my stringer work. Getting a bit better I think.

I'm still trying to perfect my flame bead. This one was on a black base using Effetre Black 104. I don't like this glass. As you can see it has devit badly around the hole. The bead release broke when I was halfway through this bead so I couldn't finish it off properly.


  1. Looking good Linda, your stringer control is coming along beautifully, your scroll work is much better than mine.


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