Sunday, 1 April 2012

Latest batch if beads

A bit of an eclectic mix of beads over my last two bead making sessions. I had yet another play with Clio, made some more beads to go with some sets I am making and had some interesting experiences with some more silver glass.

Firstly Clio

2 beads in I ran out of gas.  Extremely anoying. I couldn't believe how much difference it made with a new bottle. I also hadn't realised how much nearer the flame I had been working when the gas was getting low. It's like starting again having to work further out at the end of the flame.

So I thought I would have another go with Clio, maybe the flame would make a difference - I wish.
The first bead (from the left) is the usual base of Effetre Striking Orange 072, encased with Effetre Clear 006, then DH Clio lightly struck and reduced and then encased with clear. As you can see the usual orange bead.

My second bead was made the same way as the first but this time I decided to try a heavy reduction. It has some greeny tinges which means it was overdone but I was intrigued by the colours that appeared at the ends where the orange wasn't completely covered by the clear.

I have a tutorial Gems in Bloom by Jacqueline Parks  and one of the recipes suggests using Clio directly on top of the orange and then encasing in Effetre Pale Aqua 038. I did this with the next bead but I didn't have any pale aqua so I used Effetre Dark Lavender 081 which I know also likes silver glass. The colours have come out quite lovely blues and purples with no sign of orange but still no elusive pink. This is definately worth some more exploration. I really aught to make a list of things to explore further as they are building up.

To be honest I can't remember what I did in the next bead, more of the same with less reduction perhaps.

The last bead has a slight greeny tinge to it but also has a lovely bluish purple colour to it.

These beads are more for my necklace to go with my new top. I will take a photo of it when I have made enough beads for the necklace.

From the left

A base of CIM Plum encased with Effetre Amethyst 040. The dots are Effetre Sandstone. It doesn't really show up in the picture very well but the dots have lovely little striations in them.

Next up is CIM Plum Unique encased with Effetre Amethyst 040 with dots of CIM Dessert Pink. There are definately compatability problems with the Plum Unique. In fact there is a post about it on the Frit Happens forum The Dessert Pink makes lovely spots. Crisp clear lines and no dots in the middle. Will definately be buying some more of this.

This one is CIM Plum encased with Effetre Amethyst 040 with raised dots of CIM Chai. As soon as I pulled the Chai stringer I could tell that the dots would disappear when melted in (see I'm learning!) so I lef them raised and they look very pretty.

The last bead is a flower bead. The base is CIM Eggplant encased with Amethyst 040. The flowers are CIM Dessert Pink layered with Effetre Rose Quartz 067. The centre dots are Effetre EDP 254.

I haven't got a lot of the glasses required in the recipes but I nearly had all the glass for this next bead.

The first attempt wasn't that successful as you can see. The base is Kugler/Ask Silver Brown B181 with a wrap of DH Psyche, melted in and then cut with a knife. This is then reduced and encased with Effetre Dark Lavender 081. I added stripes of blustone around the edge of the Psyche and twirled. I added dots of Helios and reduced them to give the lovely golden sheen. As you can see I took too long in the encasing and the reduction dissapeared, I also melted it too much.

The second attempt (middle bead) was more successful unfortunately it cracked so must have left it too long before I put it in the kiln.

The third bead is a bit of a mish mash. The base is Effetre Opal Yellow 266. I applied a layer of DH Aurae, melted in, cut and reduced and then encased with Effetre Dark Lilac 040. I added Effetre Amethyst 040 to the shoulder and added a silver glass murrini that my friend made.There is bluestone, goldstone and a DH Triton twisty all in there somewhere but I overheated it and a lot of the colour has been lost. The wings on the edge of the heart are DH Helios reduced.

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