Friday, 6 April 2012

Todays beads

More hollow bead practice, some more amber beads, some seeded glass and some spacers.

 The bead on the left is over CIM Peace the bead on the right is over Effetre Clear 006.

This is seeded glass which my friend gave me to try. It is full of little bubbles and quite nice. It is not available in the UK but can be purchased from Frantz in America. This one is light Amber
It is a bit shocky so it helps if it can be pre-warmed. I do this in an old slow cooker.

This is a bit of a photographic experiment . I wasn't sure if the clear hollow beads would show up very well on the white background and as you can see they do show up a lot better on the grey.

Am really pleased with these, they are getting better.

In yesterday's blog I said I would try and take some photos to show the depth of the petal beads. So here they are:

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