Sunday, 15 September 2013

Earring Challenge Reveal 17 - Weeks 35 & 36/52

I'm actually organised for once and have my earrings made and photographed for this reveal.

The year is marching on and here we are at weeks 35 and 36, it's turned very autumny here on the Isle of Wight and I think this is reflected in my earring makes these last two weeks.

Wk 35

 Two weeks ago I went on a day trip with my friend Teresa Hully of Bo Hulley Beads to visit to Smitten Beads in Bristol, I buy a lot of my findings from Claire and belong to a group on Facebook where we all share and comment on our jewellery makes with beads from Smitten.

There were some guest artisan bead makers there and I was taken with these gorgeous leaf beads from Pippa of Pips who is a polymer clay artist. You would never guess they were polymer would you?

Anyway I was inpsired to make these matching lampwork beads using Dh Helix silver glass and although you can't really see very well in the picture they have a lovely irridescent depth to them.

I'm pleased to say that Pippa really liked them too!

Wk 36

You can definately see the autumn colours coming through in this pair.

I made a similar pair to this earlier on in the year and I liked them so much I decided to make another pair. I think I picked up these little swallows when I was at The Gathering, aren't they cute? They go perfectly with the Double Helix rings and antique brass findings.

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Thanks for looking


Monday, 9 September 2013

Earring Challenge Reveal 16 - Weeks 33 & 34/52

I know I know, I'm a little late again! Still haven't finished my Gathering blog either but things have been a little bit busy with me, I accepted an offer on my business and was looking forward to a day when I could concentrate more on my glass, unfortunately things didn't work out quite as I had planned and the buyers dropped out. So it's back to square one.


Week 33

This weeks pair of earrings were made with some of my own lampwork discs which have been made using Double Helix silver rich glass. I teamed them together with some antique brass findings.

Week 34/52

and finally a pair of my own lampwork floral hearts, crystals and sterling silver.

Many thanks for looking.

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