Monday, 9 April 2012

To etch or not to etch, that is the question.

Nothing that exciting to show from Saturday's torch session. Yet more practicing of hollows, one on a 3mm mandrel and some amber spacers to go with the beads I have been making for the monthly colour challenge.

To etch or not to etch. In the last bead making session you may remember I made a clear hollow bead with some blue dots. This was to go with some pvc hollow thong that I have. This is the bead unetched

and this is it etched.

Personally I think I prefer it etched and it is a good way to hide an inperfect hollow bead. What do you think?

Perfectly matched dots for this necklace. The dots are Effetre Periwinkle on CIM Peace over Effetre Clear 006.

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