Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Yesterdays beads

This is the first time I have felt up to or had time to torch since I made the penguin last week.

I've got a commission! My Sister Dianne would like some clear hollow beads with a 3mm hole, so it's back to hollows for me.

It was like I hadn't made a hollow before, they kept collapsing on me. It may have been that I was using mandrels dipped in old bead release. I dipped some fresh ones and did have some better results. She would like 6 or 7 so looks like I will be making these for a while until I get enough perfect ones.

This is Effetre Copper Green on 006 clear. I was just practicing some stringer work and the copper green was the nearest thing to hand. It has gone a bit grungy, could be an interesting look. I might etch it to see what happens.

These are some disc beads made with CIM Chalcedony and are to go with some other beads that I have made.

More practising of my stringer work. I didn't choose these colours in particular, just crabbed something random.
I had an interesting conversation with my Sister who has been making jewellery for some years. We met up at a family get together on Sunday and I took along my beads for her to see. I showed her some of the sets that I had made that I have for sale on Etsy. Interestingly enough she said that they wouldn't appeal to her and they look 'already done'. So I either need to spilt the sets or make them into jewellery.

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