Friday, 4 May 2012

Hearts Galore

I've been really busy at work this week so haven't had much time for torching. Needed to make a couple of beads for a bead swap this weekend and I decided I would make use of my new heart presses and re-create some beads I have made before.

This one is CIM Crocus sprinkled with Purple Rose powder from Cheeky Cherub Designs. Then Zimmerman Z850 Lilac Rose Bush and Z851 Dense Lilac Rose Frit. (not sure if this is still available) The shoulder is CIM Count Von Count. I don't really like Count Von Count much, I find it bubbles, Effetre Dk Lavender 081 is much better.

This one is exactly the same as above but without the frit and Effetre Dk Lavender 081 on the shoulder instead of Count Von Count. These two hearts measure 3cm x 3cm and it is made with the Bavarian Heart 3d real M heart press from Bavarian Beads. These two are for the bead swap.

This one is a base of Efftre Lt Silver Pink 255 with a shoulder of Effetre Pink 068. The frit is from Frit'n'glass Rose Sparkle.
This heart is CIM Crocus with a shoulder of Count Von Count. The frit is Karensa from Frit'n'glass, I couldn't find it available on the site at the moment. The two hearts above are 2cm x 2cm and are made with the largest of the Bavarian Beads Heart press small real 3d. The one below is the middle size 1.8cm x 1.8cm.

This heart is a base of Effetre Light Silver Pink 255 with a should of Effetre Rubino. The frit is a raku blend called Toscana.

 This is CIM Count Von Count with Karensa Frit. I used my new tab press, it is a lovely shape and I am sure I will be making more of these.
These grooved round beads are the same combination as above.

More practice of my deep encasing and find stringer work.

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  1. All fab looking colour combos, I've never been a fan of heart shaped beads but these are really pretty.


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