Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I love spacers & a goddess bead

Look how bright this photo is. It so nice to see the sunshine but I find it makes taking photos challenging.

I've decided I am going to make some spacer beads each time I do some torching. It is a good way to test colours and I think they will make some lovely bracelets with some little silver spacer beads.

From the left, one shiney and one etched (except the eggplant one)
CIM Egglplant
CIM Plum
CIM Plum Unique 658-1
CIM Olive
CIM Elphalba
Effetre Cool Green Tea 680
CIM Sepia

The three beads on the left were made after a discovery of a reaction between CIM Peace and Reichenbach Iris Blue. The white turns a yellowy green. The 3rd bead from the left was etched.

The next bead is a base of CIM Chai unq 765-2 encased with Lauscha Peah 608 and then dots of the same Chai.

Next to that the bead is a base of Effetre Lt Sky Blue 224 encased with Effetre Baby Blue 038 and dots of CIM Lapis.

The last bead was a bit of a play. I made a bead a while ago which was a lovely purple but couldn't remember what glass I used to make it, that was before my blog diary. I also wanted to practice my light encasing and play with some stainless steel sculpting tools I'd bought. So this is CIM Peace lightly encased with Effetre Ink Blue 058. A lovely yummy purple.

I finally had a play with one of my new bead presses from Bavarian Beads. It's the Bavarian 3D Female XL.

This is a four sided shot of the resulting goddess bead that I made.

The glass is Effetre Pale Emerald 031 with Raisa frit from Frit-en-glas.

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