Thursday, 10 May 2012

Testing DH and TAG

Yesterdays bead session was mostly about testing Double Helix and TAG glasses. I in no way attempted to make these beads too neat and tidy it was just about the effect of these silver glasses on Effetre Dark Ivory, reduced and then encased in Effetre 006 clear.

Top to bottom.
DH Elektra.
DH Gaia
DH Aurae
DH Aion 2

There was a slight reduction on the Aurae, I have used this glass before and it shows up better under Effetre Dk Lavender 081. Both the Aurae and Aion2 had more effect on the Dark Ivory and most of the colours produced dark rings around the dots.

This was my favourite colours of the ones I tested.
From the top:
DH Nyx
DH Kalypso
DH Fire Lotus
DH Terra

Interesting reactions here. Look at the white keyline reaction around the Nyx, Kalypso and Terra. The Nyx and the Terra had the best reduction. Lots to play with here.

I went on to make this bead with the Terra.

From the top:
DH Triton
DH Psyche
ASK Silver Brown
DH Helios
TAG Taxo

Of these Triton and Helioe were the only colours to keep their reduction although I am sure I have reduced Psyche before with no problem. Interesting keyline reaction around the Silver Brown and Helios.

From the top:
TAG Golden Emerald
TAG Lake Geneva
TAG Tibet
TAG Montreux
TAG Cezanne

Nothing exciting to report about any of these really. None of them reduced although all except Tibet have some white keyline reaction.

I had an instruction sheet that came with the TAG glass so I had a quick shufty through it and had a play.

First up TAG Tibet dots over Effetre Copper Green.

The copper green devit really badly and I wasn't that impressed with the results. Not sure I'll bother with that again.

TAG Zeus stringer over Effetre Black (reduced but not encased)

Some lovely shades of blue showed in this bead so I went on to make this

I had to use a really heavy reduction in a high propane flame to get this reaction, which is only really on one side of the bead, although the bead is blue all round, no sign of the black. Unfortunately the clear has gone really yellowy. According to the instructions the reduction should be struck. Didn't really try that so might have another go.

This was TAG Zeus again over CIM Clockwork and then encased.

Supposed to be a great electric purple when put over oranges and reds. Obviously need some more work on this combination.

Lastly TAG Golden Emerald. This glass is supposed to take on a golden metallic sheen over it's transparent golden green. I reduced it really heavily with little or no oxygen and couldn't really see any sign of the reduction. There was a little bit present when I took it out of the kiln this morning.

More of this session in the next posting.

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