Friday, 4 May 2012

Buzzword Beads.

I was lucky enough to have my name pulled out of a hat for an entry I made into a slogan competition for some "Buzzword Beads" made by Jolene Wolfe from Kitzbits Art Glass. You can read all about it here: There were some great entry's and this slogan is one of my favourites: You're never to old to storm a bouncy castle.

The winners were posted here:

My entry was "Bead-a-holic" which I think is extremely appropriate for me and today I received my lovely beads. I asked Jo to surprise me with the colours and she choose purple with black writing. Purple is one of my all time favourite colours so she couldn't have chosen better. I admire her patience and the skill with stringer to produce these georgous beads.

These are the beads she made for me. (photo taken from her blog posting)

You can see all of the winners beads she made here:

If you would like a set of your own "Buzzword Beads" you can order them online through Jo's Etsy store:

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  1. What a lovely surprise, thank you ever so much for blogging about these Linda xx Jo


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