Sunday, 20 May 2012

Not enough time

I only managed to get one torching session in this last week. Too many interferences on my time and health. Still that's the way it goes, I always knew that this would be more of a winter hobby. Unfortunately I torch in the conservatory, so it's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. If the sun is shining I can't see the flame so torching is out then. Anyway.......

I'm finally managing to get to grips with my stringer work, but I would still like to get my scrolls as fine as Laura Sparling does and many of you who have seen her work will recognise these beads as similar to hers. I have been aspiring to make beads like hers as I admire them very much and made a point of having a lesson with her earlier on in the year.

These are CIM Dirty Martini and CIM Lapis. I have wondered if I have picked up a rod of CIM Peace instead of the Dirty Martini as they seem more white than the pale green.

Effetre Rubino Ora spacers. Don't they look yummy.

Does anyone know why the two on the right have stayed transluscent? I can't think that I made them any differently to the rest.

Lastly I made a couple of hollows that collapsed on me again.

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