Thursday, 24 May 2012

Enjoying the sunshine

Ok, I admit, I have been neglecting my blog in favour of the sunshine. Mostly working on our allotment. However I did some torch time in.

I got to finish off some sets.

In fact I decided to combine them together and make one big set which I will probably add to Etsy at a later date.

This is another of the sets I have been working on.

I've also been making some spacers using some new glass I have.

From the left CIM Canyon de Chelly, CIM Electric Avenue, CIM Glacier (a lovely pale blue), CIM Maraschino, CIM Maple and Lauscha Peach 608.

These two are CIM Butter Pecan on the top and first four on the left the bottom and last 5 on the right is CIM Ginger. I couldn't really see much difference between them although the last one on the right is a bit darker. Perhaps they like to be worked cool, I do tend to melt my spacers into submission.

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