Sunday, 26 May 2013

Venice day 6

These are my beads from yesterday. Well two of them anyway. There were lots of spacer beads we made to practice and there was a small disc bead but someone stole it?????
I was pleased with this one, especially as all the dots were made using a full rod of glass and not stringer.
The class started at nine and Kristina showed us to make her famous disc bead complete with dots.
Then it was our turn. For me this bead was very similar to the bead I made on Anita Swengler-Juan's course at Mango Beads in October of last year and I discovered that Anita has taken Kristina's course so know I know where she learned the technique.
My effort, not the best colour choices and I ran out of time to finish it.
The last bead that was demonstrated was how Kristina does stringer decoration. Unfortunately they use a very strange way of lighting the torches here in Murano.  There use what is effectively a pilot light which sits next to the torch. The pilot light in my torch was too big and when I tried to do the stringer decoration it was too hot and I singed my fingers.  Fortunately this is something I have practiced a lot at home so it didn't worry me that I couldn't do it here.
Kristina then demonstrated a third bead which is the tube bead. We didn't have time to practice this bead as Davide wanted us to watch a presentation by Kristina on her journey over the last 20 years to how she arrived at her style of work today, which was very interesting.
Then Kristina showed us how to core a bead with silver using the rivet method.  This was very also very interesting and something that can be done with very few tools
One of the things that Kristina showed us in her presentation was photos that she used as inspiration for her work. This got me looking at the patterns in architecture here in Murano and I started taking photos on the way back to the b&b. Maybe you will find some inspiration in them.
Ok,  so the class is now over and I am a little sad and lonely after being with so many people, but luckily there is never anyone very far away when you have the Internet and I have been kept busy writing this blog.
Thanks for looking.


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