Thursday, 23 May 2013

Venice day 3

So....... last night we went for a pizza at the local Italian restaurant. I was so pleased that Peyta had taken me as I wouldn't have had the confidence to go in on my own. Indeed Peyta told me that she went to do just that on another evening and didn't go in because the first room you walk into is full of men playing cards.
Out the back though is a huge garden and further seating with lots of families eating. There was an extensive menu with pasta, salads, fish and of course pizza. We both ordered pizza which were huge but very thin, quite tasty and I couldn't eat all of mine. Prices weren't too bad but there was a €1.50 cover charge for which you didn't actually get anything.

Fortunately I slept a lot better last night so awoke fresh and ready for the day. I had breakfast in the garden again, (managd not to lock myself out today) and said goodbye to Peyta who was leaving and headed off.
I popped into Davide's and asked if he had any suggestions of what I could do for the day. He suggested taking a boat to Burano a little Island known for its colourful houses which make lovely photograph's and Torcello with its old church. I kind of had this in my mind to do anyway so that's what I did.
I had to get the water bus from a different stop this time, Faro which I think means lighthouse. Although it didn't look far away as the crow flies I had to take a circuitous route as there aren't many bridges to cross the canal. Only took about 15 miss to walk though so not far.

It was a lovely trip, which was included in my bus pass. I didn't realise we were so close to the mountains, there was a huge range complete with snow capped peaks. I had a look on the map and they are The Dolomites.
Mountains in the distance

The crossing took about 30 minutes and I took some photos of a very crooked tower but I don't know what it is called.
When we docked at Burano, I hopped straight onto the boat to Torcello. There was a sign at the dock which said that 'extraordinary works' were being carried out on the church. So it wasn't surprising that the main tower was completely covered in scaffolding. I'm not sure how old it was, it didn't look that old compared to our churches. I peered through the glass doors but it didn't look that interesting and as there was a charge to go in I didn't bother. There was a museum too that you could pay to go in but it was so lovely outside in the sunshine I didn't do that either. 
This cat was lying on the path to the church waiting for someone to rubs its belly.

I passed some lovely scenery on the way.
Some of the local wildlife.
I commandeered someone to take a photo of me.
The church
I headed off back to the boat just in time to catch the next one back to Burano.
I decided to use the toilet on the boat as I wasn't sure where the next one would be.  I opened the door and got a bit of a shock when I saw the type of toilet.  I used lots like that when I went to China so I wasn't daunted but got a bit of a shock when I looked up as the window was open and we were just coming in to dock.  Fortunately the people standing on the dock could only see my face lol!

Burano was lovely,  as I said lots of different brightly coloured houses.  I just wandered where I fancied,  sometimes I managed to get away from the crowds and get some pictures with no-one in. 
I spotted an empty bench with my name on it and had my picnic lunch.

There were lots of little shops and I picked up a few gifts for my family.
I was feeling a bit tired after all that walking so I caught the boat back and decided to head back over to Venice. Rested after the boat journey I treated myself to my first Italian ice cream,  it was a kind of cherry flavour and very yummy.

Next I decided to just wander where the fancy took me and take some pictures. 
I wandered down this tiny alleyway.......

........which was quite dark.....

a......nd about halfway down was surprised to see 2 open doors,  one on either side of the alley, which opened to reveal masses of books.  I took a photo as it was quite unusual and then carried on down to the end of the alleyway.

I turned left into this little courtyard and there was this sign which said 'welcome to the most beautiful bookshop in the world',
 I wandered inside and was astonished to see hundreds and hundreds of books, literally piles and piles of them, some stored in different types of boats, a gondolier, canoe and row boat etc. There was room upon room of them.

 One room lead out into a little courtyard and there was a staircase made out of huge books. I  had to climb up and take a look over the wall at the canal.
I wouldn't say it was the most beautiful bookshop in the world but it was definitely the most unusual!
Unfortunately my camera started playing up and unfortunately I think it is on its way out. Fortunately I had my phone with me as yesterday the battery nearly ran out on my camera. So some of the photos haven't come out very well.
Another corner revealed a white church, which I have since been informed is actually the entrance to a hospital.

Standing by their boats were a couple of gondoliers who looked pretty bored whilst they waited for their next customers. I took a few snaps of them as they were quite good looking.

I kept on going and eventually ended up just by the waterbuses near St. Marks Square.  I was in need of resting my feet again and thought it might be a good idea to get on the number 1 bus which took you up the Grand Canal and under the Rialto Bridge which I had walked over yesterday.
View up the Grand Canal

Turned out to be a very bad Idea. Think of the London underground in rush hour and that will give you some idea of how busy the boats were. Couldn't get a seat for love nor money ( although I never actually tried either!) I made it until after the bridge and then couldn't stand it anymore. Got off at the next stop and just kept on walking. I followed a main thoroughfare and eventually came to a different part of the canal which had another bus stop which was going to Murano. So I hopped onto the next one with a sigh of relief.
This morning I had tried to find the studio on Carlo Donna that makes lampwork tools. As it was early I assumed that they weren't open yet as I couldn't find it. So on the way back I got off at the Vernier stop and had another look. Still couldn't see the studio so I asked in a shop and they said in the alley. I walked the whole length of the alley but no luck. So I asked a couple of people who were standing nearby chatting and managed to get who I was looking for across. The gentleman kindly led me to what looked like the door of someone's house and introduced me to Roberto. Davide was talking about Roberto yesterday but I didn't realise it was the same person. Unfortunately the tool I wanted the most which was the bellflower tool was out of stock so I treated myself to a tool which Davide designed and was using in his studio to make round beads. I want to see if it is any easier to use than the graphite bead roller I have.
Came back to the b&b, had a shower and then headed back to the restaurant for another pizza.  Was quite I happy eating on my own,  I took my tablet along and started writing this up. I took a photo of the pizza this time, it was so big I couldn't fit in all it the frame!
Tuna and red onion pizza. Yum!
The weather was looking a bit threatening on the way home and the forecast isn't looking good for the next few days but luckily I will be indoors on my workshop.  This is a good thing as I think  my feet need a break from walking, I already have a small blister on the bottom of one foot.
Thanks for looking.





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