Saturday, 25 May 2013

Venice day 5

Ok, so last night a group of us went for a meal at a fish restaurant joined by Kristina Logan who is teaching the class over the weekend.
Davide sent us a menu from the restaurant (the best fish restaurant on Murano according to Davide) before we came out but it was in italian. I had to look it up on google translate, some of it made sense but some of it didn't.  Snails were definitely mentioned.  Now I am not a big fish eater but decided to go along with the group and give it all a try. My mum asked me to take photos of the food. There were 5 courses in all and I ate snails (small baby ones from the lagoon), octopi, shrimp and other fish. I have to say it was all quite tasty.

Starter - this is what had the baby snails in but Kristina and Davide wouldn't tell me what was in it until I have tried it!
Seafood Risotto.
Battered seafood and vegetables.
As you can see I finished everything!
Mint sorbet to finish.
They have been having an unusually high tide the last couple of days and we were lucky to walk home without getting our feet wet. The tide rises by a good 3ft and when the vaporetto goes by creates waves which flood the sidewalk.
So today Isobel (from Luxembourg) and I were lucky enough to get a lift in Davide's boat to the school -  a real treat.
Kristina is lovely, so friendly and a great teacher. If anyone gets to do a class with her I would highly recommend it. (Davide has just announced dates for next year). She is very good at explaining how she makes beads and takes the time to come round and help everyone.  As well as teaching her style of beads she is really teaching a foundation of how to lay the glass down and how to apply the dots so that the technique can be taken home and used on any beads. I found this very useful, if a bit of a learning curve, you'd think I had never made simple spacer beads before but the technique being taught would be really useful when making the bigger disc beads tomorrow.

We all went out for lunch which we had by the sea and were lucky enough to see some sun.
It still amazes me how lucky I am to have found a hobby where I can travel to a workshop in the UK or a foreign country,  meet people I have never met before and have something in common with them and feel so part of everything.
After the class Davide offered to drive Isobel and myself back in the boat only he told me I could drive. I thought he was joking but he wasn't. So I drove the boat back , it wasn't very far and once I got the hang of it I did ok.

We all went out for a lovely meal this evening and now back to the b&b to write up this blog and have a early night.
Thanks for looking.


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