Sunday, 13 January 2013

What you can do with a little inspiration.

Just before Christmas I had a look around art exhibition at The New Rembrant Gallery.

One of the artists was Pat Clarke and her work was lovely. Unfortunately she doesn't have an online presence so I can't show you any of her works. I was inspired by part of one of her paintings and I got chatting to Pat, told her that I make glass beads and asked her if it was ok to take a picture. She said go ahead and this is the picture I took.

Can you see why I thought this would make a lovely bead?

This is my attempt. I am really pleased with it as my stringer work needs a lot of practice.

I used CIM Peace and Reichenbach Deep Black. I would have used Effetre White but I didn't have enough.
In the same sitting I made this which I am also really pleased with. I have to say it was tricky to photograph.

It has been etched for a soft finish. Glasses used are all Effetre 106 Clear,  Transparent Light Teal 026, Transparent Dark Grey 088 and white dots and stringer detail.

These are made with Effetre Light Grey 084 and below are made with Reichenbach Mystic Grey. Both sets and the focal bead are now available for sale in my Etsy store. Click on pictures to buy.
Thanks for looking.



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