Sunday, 20 January 2013

AJE Earring Challenge Reveal Wks 1 and 2

It's time for the big reveal, although my blog readers will have already seen my week 1 pair of earrings, here they are again.

They have been made using my own lampwork earrings and I even made my own sterling silver earrwires!

I've been working on trying to take some better pictures so hopefully you will see some improvement as time goes on.

Week 2 saw me playing with some Vintaj brass and lampwork rings which were made using a 10mm mandrel. (I can't claim the rings were an orriginal idea by me but shown to me by Helen Gorrick of Helen G Beads)

Aren't they sweet, I applied the patina to the little swallows so that they matched the rings.

They are available for sale in my Etsy store and if you fancy making a pair of your own I have some of the glass rings for sale too

Light Violet
Light Tourquoise

They can be made to order so if you would like them in a different colour, let me know.

Please visit the other artists taking part in the challenge by clicking on the links below.


  1. Your earrings are beautiful! I love your own beads in that first pair, and the second pair is so sweet!

  2. Love those lampwork rings! Your earrings ae great too :)

    1. Thanks Ali, so did someone else, they bought them all! Will have to make some more quick!

  3. Lovely. Love the color of the patina.


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