Sunday, 27 January 2013

Shop update

Just added a few more items to my shop.

My poppie field beads are proving to be very popular, this one is slightly different in that the poppies have been left raised. I mix my own enamel glass for the flowers and etch the bead for a satin finish. The poppies stay shiny which gives a lovely effect.

I sold a bead similar to this one so thought I would replace it. It requires a steady hand to outline those little flowers. Each flower has a sparkly cubic zirconia for a bit of zing!

These spacer donut beads are made using a CIM Plum Unique glass. It comes out in different shades depending on how you work it in the flame. Hence the differnence which I like.

and finally I sold out of these little spacers made of Effetre Sage Green 019 so here are some replacements.

As usual click on the photo to be taken to the beads for sale.

Thanks for looking.


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