Friday, 2 November 2012

Unikal Glass Design course at Mango Beads

Firstly I would like to say that Anita's work is amazing.

I think this course was at just the right time for me in terms of where I am at in my lampworking skills. Anita was a very good teacher. She is from Switzerland and we all had a good laugh as her English is not so good and of course when learning, lampworking terms weren't really taught. We all manage to understand her though.

I was very pleased with my first bead. I was so happy that I managed to finish it as the bead release broke quite early on and I had a problem with low blood sugar so had the shakes. Didn't come out bad considering. It was made on a 9mm mandrel but is only 3cm wide.

The second bead I made wasn't too bad either but again, small at only 2cm.

The next day I was very tired. I hadn't slept well over the last few nights and the colour combination of this bead didn't come out as well as I had hoped.

Finally just to show that not every bead I make turns out well....

This was supposed to be one of a pair for earrings. By this time I had had enough and decided to make an early start home as the weather was awful. Took me 3.5hrs to get to the Ferry and was pleased to be home by 8.30pm.
I loved this course, I just hope I can remember everthing that Anita taught us when I get back.

Unikal Glass Design Website.


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