Sunday, 25 November 2012

A neat idea

Well, quite a bit has happened since my last post. Last Wednesday I was invited to a private viewing at a gallery. I've never been to one before so I popped along to have a look. It was two couples showing their work. One of the ladies was Melanie Swan who I did the PMC and Enamelling course with at The Quay Arts Centre. You may remember I made her some headpins recently.

She absolutely loves my beads so I took a couple of my latest ones to show her.

This was the main one that I took as I was so pleased with it.

The owners of the gallery were so friendly that while I was there I showed them my beads and enquired as to whether that might be something they may be of interest in stocking in their Gallery. Well, they practically snapped my arm off and said yes please. They only charge a 20% commission which is very reasonable for a gallery and could they please have them before Christmas. How fantastic is that?

So since then I have been trying to get some stock together, working out prices etc.

I made these two wheel beads to match some silk ribbons of Sowereze.

I had some more wheel beads that I have made but didn't have the ribbons to match them. So I paid to visit to Harvest Moon in Shanklin and bought some faux suede thongs. I bought some ends for them but was unsure as to how long to make them as people are all different sizes and like them to hang in different places, ie; long over a jumper or above the neckline.

Years ago I used to sell name necklaces, you know the ones letters that hang on a thong and I used to do a slip knot affair so that the necklace was adjustable and could slip over the head. I tried that with the faux suede but it didn't look very classy. Then, whilst browsing the internet for some silk ribbons I came accross this blog posting:

This is turn led me to with step-by-step instructions on how to create it. Although to be honest it's pretty self explanatory from just looking at the picture.

I thought this was just perfect to finish off my necklaces. I used a 3mm mandrel to make it and finished the ends of with some little spacer beads.

Looks pretty good doesn't it.

Thanks for looking.



  1. Thanks for posting this Linda, I've been thinking of tube for something similar, but it's expensive. Wire is sooo much easier! :-)

    1. Glad to have been of service Hazel. I thought it was such a great idea. The simple ones are always the best.

  2. Great idea, thanks Linda, and well executed too!

  3. Fantastic idea there Linda, beautiful beads, I really hope you do well at the gallery x

  4. Creo que es una gran idea!!! y queda muy bien.
    Gracias por compartir!!!


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