Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Well, I finally got to try out what I had learned at Anita's class and I am so proud of the results. The colours were inspired by this silk ribbon that I purchased from Di at Sowerze Designs.

I found the colours a little bit challenging and found myself pulling a rod of Effetre glass from my stash called Butternut (414). I just had one rod of this and I can't remember how I came to own it but I've always thought it was a most disgusting colour and could never imaging using it.

I found a couple of posts on it:



However it seemed to fit the bill so use it I did.

Here is the bead, front and back shots.

It has a real victoriana feel to it, I'm thinking tea roses and decopage. A friend suggested the name Gloriana so that is what I've called it.

The colours I used were

Effetre Silver Pink 255
Effetre Amethyst  040
Peace White
Effetre Pale Emerald Green 031
Effetre Med Amber 014
Effetre Purple 272
Double Helix Helios
Efftre Mid Purple 042

It was made on a 9mm mandrel purchased from Mango Beads and measures 3.5cm wide.

The big hole bead I made on Anita's course wasn't suitable for silver coring so I am going to send this one to David at Mango Beads to be done instead.


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