Saturday, 2 June 2012

More Iris Orange

Still playing with Iris Orange and big hole mandrels.

Having had so much success with my big ring last time I torched, I thought I would have another play.

The two big hole mandrels you can see there are 19mm and 13mm. I got a bit carried away with the biggest one. I wanted to see if I could stack dots, the answer is no.

This is Effetre Copper Green and Reichecbach Iris Orange, covered in Effetre Clear 006, poked and then covered again.

This one is the same glass but much smaller. I was using up some shorts of clear and you can see they are a bit scummy. I really like this bead. I was afraid I was going to lose it as it was stuck to the mandrel. I was trying to keep the bead release as thin as possible - big mistake. Anyway I remembered reading that you can soak the mandrels in limescale remover, so I did that, gave it a little tap and away it came.

I made some more of these flower beads. The two on the left are the ones I made this time. you can see that I am getting a lot more colour our of the Iris Orange, I have taken this photo with the earlier ones I made so that you can see the difference.

I made a couple more beads for some sets I am working on and the others aren't worth a mention.

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