Friday, 1 June 2012

Frit Happens Monthly Colour Challenge

I finally got to do some more torching after a change in the weather which meant that the sun wasn't shining in the conservatory where I torch and we had caught up on the allotment. This is the results:

The monthly colour challenge on the Frit Happens forum is Reichenbach Iris Orange.

When I collected my bead making equipement from the Big Bead Show back in September last year, I saw some beads that were for sale on the Tuffnells stand and thought they were wonderful. I asked what glass they were made with and was told Reichenbach Iris Orange, so I bought some. I don't think this glass should ever be sold to beginners as it is so likely to dissappoint. There is a definate knack to getting some colour out of it and I am still only part way there. There is an extremely long thread on the Lampowork etc forum about how to get colour out of it but basically you have to heat the snot out of it and then rapidly cool.

I was shown how to make these beads on my lessons with Laura Sparling. Hers is the one on the far right. So I thought was a good opportunity to have another go. I did manage to get some colour. The base was CIM Tuxedo with Iris Orange dots and then Effetre clear 006 on top. The centre dots are CIM Peace. I will make a few more of these to make a set.

On another forum I frequent one of the posters made this gorgeous ring using Effetre Copper Green 219. It both inspired me and reminded me that I had bought some big hole mandrels from Off Mandrel when I was at Flame Off. I dug one out and had a play.

This is the result. It is a mix of Effetre Copper Green 219 and Reichenbach Iris Orange. I like the way the copper green has striated.

As you can see I did manage to get some hints of colour on the edges but nothing consistant. It was very heavy to hold and I was surprised at how hard it was to melt the glass. I'm assuming because the mandrel took a lot of the heat.

I temporarily made this necklace but can't decide whether it would look better on a plain necklace. I'm also wondering if it would look nicer etched. Opionions welcome.

The rest of my bead making was to continue with some sets that I am working on.

This one is CIM Count Von Count with Kerensa Frit by Frit en Glas. I miss judged the amount of glass I would need in my tab press as I was aiming for all beads the size of the smallest one. More practice needed.

I am making some beads for a necklace for my friend for her birthday in September.

This is Efftre Baby Blue 038 with Rock Your Baby frit from Cheeky Cherub Designs.

I am still persevering with my 3mm hollow beads, I don't like to give up.

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