Monday, 4 June 2012

Frit Happens Monthly Theme Challenge and bracelets

Todays kiln haul and the inspiration behind it.

The Frit Happens monthly theme challenge is Angels and Demons. So I made a couple of Angels

Firstly L'il Angel, the face didn't come out that well so that is why this is a side shot - but you wouldn't see the wings with a full frontal should would you? well that's my excuse anyway!

and then I had another play with my goddess press. Unfortunately this bead has some tiny black spots in the white which I can only conclude came from broken bead release. I had trouble keeping her warm too and there is a crack between the legs.

I have been toying with upgrading my torch to a Carlisle Mini CC. It is supposed to work a bit hotter and the flame is more controllable to have a bushier flame or a more pinpoint flame. I think this may help when making something like this goddess and for fine stringer work.

Yesterday I made this set of beads up into a bracelet, which I am really pleased with.

I also made this charm bracelet. It is the first one I have made. I made all the beads and wire wrapped them all. I am so excited by this. Hence the mammoth spacer making session as I want to add some more to this bracelet. i also discovered that it doesn't matter if the spacer beads are different sizes, in fact it looks better if they are so I can be a bit less anal in trying to get them all the same size.

So with this charm bracelet in mind I made some cute tiny beads to add.

A while ago I made these beads and found this snake necklace in my local bead shop. I wanted to make some more beads to add to it. Unfortunately I picked up a rod of Dark Lavender 081 instead of clear. Must be one of the only rods I haven't labelled. I actually quite like the bead but also forgot that it needed to be made on a 2mm mandrel otherwise it won't fit the necklace.

And finally this was just an experiment.

Effetre transparent Cobalt blue 060 over a light colour (can't remember which). It is a lovely vibrant blue.

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