Sunday, 19 October 2014


Well the results are in from The British Bead Awards. They were announced at the Big Bead Show.

Yesterday (Oct. 18th) I travelled up from the Isle of Wight by car with my husband. I snapped this photo from the ferry of the sunrise looking over towards Ryde with it's church spire in the distance.

We made good time to Sandown Park in Esher (about an hour up the road from Portsmouth) and my Mum and cousin were waiting for us when we arrived.

We were treated to bucks fizz and nibbles and got our first chance to view the other entries into the competition.

I entered my peice into the 'Beyond Beads' category. I would have like to have gone into the 'Lampwork Beads' category but I felt that because my piece was made with headpins (ie glass in the end of a piece of wire) that it didn't qualify as 'beads'. I think there were about 5 pieces that had been picked as finalists but they had a barrier which was a bit too far away from the tables where the pieces were displayed and it was a bit difficult to read what the labels said.

This is what my necklace looked like on the table.

Once we had all had a chance to have a look and finish our bucks fizz we all headed to the seating area to hear what place we had won. There were quite a few people as there were lots of categories.

Congratulations to my friends Jennie Totterdell for 1st place (sorry can't remember what category) and Madeline Bunyan for 2nd place in the lampwork category and finally it came round to my turn and..........

2nd place.

I went up to shake hands and collect certificate

and prize

I won a years subscription to Bead magazine and Bead TV as well as some Kumihimo discs, chainmaille books together with some jumprings and some artistic wire.

I worked so hard on the piece and got so many positive comments that I have to say that I was a bit disappointed not to have got 1st place. Especially when I went back over to the table at the end to find out what the winning piece was, and here it is.

I appreciate that a lot of work has gone into this piece also and I will let you make up your own mind. Congratulations to Lucilla Nasau anyway.

Having looked at the entrants into the lampwork category I did notice that one of the pieces, to my mind, wouldn't have qualified as beads so I went up and spoke to one of the organisers and asked whether they thought I had gone into the right category and they said it was fine but it would have been ok to go into the lampwork category. I wished I had contacted the organisers and asked before I put my entry in but there, it is done now and there is always next year.

I had a lovely day and said hello to a few friends as well as bought a few bits and pieces that I might share with you another day.

Thanks for looking.



  1. Well done hon - and next year it'll be a first, I'm sure of it :)

  2. Well done Linda, what a lovely piece of jewellery. Looking forward to seeing what you create next :-)


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