Sunday, 17 February 2013

AJE Earrings challenge Reveal Weeks 5-6/52

I am really enjoying this earring challenge from AJE. It's encouraging me to come up with new designs and use some of those components that have been lying around for a while.

This pair is a prime example. I have had these hoops like forever and decided it was time to do something with them.

I made the red glass and silver beads and teamed them with some red Ab crystals and some silver findings. Cute aren't they?

Now unfortunately I can't claim these as a new design but one that has proved popular. You can't make it out very well in the photo but the discs are made(by me) of a silver rich Double Helix glass called Gaia and they have an oil slick sheen to them. Teamed with green AB crystals and silver findings.

Some of us in the challenge post our images on the AJE Earring Challenge board on Pinterest and it's such fun popping over to see what's been made.

Here are the links to the other reveals.

Join us for Reveal #4 weeks 7-8/52 in 2 weeks February 25th


  1. Wow! Both are great designs to wear on days when you want to be noticed!

  2. Beautiful beads, and very pretty earrings.

  3. Fun! Love the green pair especially.

  4. wonderful idea - the bead bush! Great way to use those start in the middle. Beautiful earnings.

    pilgrim jewellery


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