Friday, 7 December 2012

Gallery update

On Thursday I visited the gallery in Newport that is stocking a few bits of my jewellery with some pieces for their display.

The gallery is The New Rembrandt Gallery and I couldn't find a website when I looked before. They assured me that there was one and it was a work in progress. I found it here:

I took along some busts and earrring stands that I found on Ebay.

The bust is from buy-save08 they are very cheap and cheerful. This one is £2.69 plus postage. They are just cardboard covered in pu. I was pleased with the first ones I ordered but the second lot came with creases in. They did send a replacement and the second one came the same. They said to send back for a refund but as I am sure I can hide the crease I decided to keep them. No good for photography as the light reflects off the pu too much so I have now purchased a black velvet one for that purpose.

The earrings stands are from hsukltd

at £4.99 for 3 including postage they are a bargain.

Anyway, in the meantime Sharon (who owns the gallery together with Martin) had displayed my jewellery in her glass display cabinet on some gorgeous etched glasses that she had for sale and I have to say they looked fantastic. So light and delicate compared to the black busts I had taken along. So we decided to leave things as they are.

I took some pics but please excuse the quality as I took them with my phone

They look lovely don't they?

Latest Update:

I just received an email from Martin and yesterday they sold 2 necklaces and a pair of earrings. How great is that? They now want me to take over some more stock.

Thanks for looking.


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  1. Brilliant display Linda, and congratulations, I'm sure you'll do really well there:)


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