Thursday, 6 December 2012

Design Seeds

If you are ever looking for colour inspiration you can't go far wrong with Design Seeds. They take a picture and then choose a colour pallet from colours within the picture.

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I was inspired today with this pallet

Isn't it gorgeous? I have pulled out some colours from my glass stash

From the top down

CIM Plum Unique 658-3
Effetre Cool Green Tea
CIM Peacock Green, Reichenbach Antique Crystal
Effetre Purple, CIM Plum
Effetre Light Ivory

This is a little set that I selected from the beads I made last night:

In the end I used
Effetre Light Ivory
Effetre Cool Green Tea
CIM Plum Unique 658-3
Effetre Purple
a little Reichenbach Antique Crystal
and Silvered Ivory Stringer.

Could have perhaps done with a little more green in it but still nice all the same.

A cutesy little set which is now up for sale in my Etsy store.

I think this is also appropriate for the Craft Pimp monthly theme challenge of Kitsch, so I posted it there.

Thanks for looking.


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