Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tuesdays Kiln haul

I would like to be able to say this is todays kiln haul but it's Tuesdays, I didn't have time to photograph them until today. So here goes

I had a play with the Mini Mo I bought from Kitzbitz and made this focal,  

 also had a play with my new lentil press and made these two lentils.


Incorporated in the beads are green adventurine and some goldstone for added sparkle.

I made them after watching Jolene's demonstration on how she makes her beads and they are really freestyle for me which is a bit outside my comfort zone. I am quite pleased with them for a first attempt and am really pleased with how well the detail shows up in the photos.

I also had a play with my new heart press

It has 3 different sizes. The glass used in the big heart is Reichenback Purple Rose and Effetre Light Violet,  in the others CIM Crocus. Each bead is rolled in purple rose enamel powder and then touched in Zimmerman Purple Rose and Lilac Rose frit.

The hearts are a little puffier than I would like but ther are quite cute.

And of course I had to make a couple of test beads with my new glass.

On the left CIM Chalcedony and on the right CIM Sherwood. Both lovely colour and easy to use.

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