Saturday, 3 March 2012

Today's Kiln Haul

I was fortunate to finish work early yesterday which meant I could get in some torch time. This is what I pulled out of the kiln this morning and just to show that I am only human and don't always get it right, I have included the 2 beads that were a disaster and went straight into the bin.

A friend has lent me a book called Creative Lampwork by Joan Gordan.

So today I thought I would have a practice at some of the projects in the book.
Firstly encased triangle beads.

The bead on the left is Effetre Light Violet 041 and Effetre Clear 006 on CIM Peace white dots.
The middle bead is CIM Leaky Pen and Effetre LightTeal 026 on CIM Peace white dots.
The bead on the right is Effetre Light Teal 026 and Effetre Light Violet 041 again on CIM Peach white dots. 

They didn't come out too badly but not as good as I hoped. For a start they ended up a lot bigger than I wanted. I have a class with Laura Sparling in 2 weeks time and she does some fantastic encased beads so hopefully she will be able to give me some pointers.

Next up is this dotty bead. It has a base of Effetre Dark Tourquoise 236 with Effertre EDP 254 (Evil detrifiying purple). I always seem to have trouble with my flame being a slightly reducing one. This is what causes the silver in the dark tourqouise to look dirty. I beleive this can be cleaned with cillet bang or coke or a quick dip in etching solution so I will give this a go and see what happens. I will also try it with Effetre Light Tourquoise 232 and see what happens. 

I love the way the EDP reacts with the tourquoise and creates this lighter tourquoise edge to the EDP. 

This is a version of the Eastern Bead featured in the book.
I got a bit carried away but I think it has come out ok.

Base of CIM Peace covered in Effetre transparent Light Violet 041. Then various dots of Effetre Light Periwinle 220, Reichenbach Opaque Lilac, CIM Peace and Effetre Apricot Yellow.

I plan to have another play with this and make the larger size bead.

Ok, that's play time for the book over and done with although there is a lentil bead similar to the one I have made here:

The base colour is Effetre Spanish Leather 423, above Effetre Dark Ivory 276 with a band of SIS (Silvered Ivory Stringer) around the middle. I added one of Cheeky Cherubs Poppy Murrini and then gave it a twist. Quite pleased with how this came out and I think I will add it to my Etsy shop.

 This was a bit of an experiment after I saw this heart when looking at heart presses.

I thought it would be perfect with the new Poppy Murrini and a good opportunity to have a practice with my pillow press.

The base is Effetre Black 104 sprinkled with white enamel powder. The stem is supposed to be Effetre Intense Black stringer but I have a feeling it may have been Effetre Dark Silver Plum by mistake as it's gone really silvery. I need lots of practice with stringer work and this is something else that I hope Laura can help me with. I am pleased with the effect and will have another play with this.

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