Sunday, 4 March 2012

Today's Kiln Haul

 As you can see it doesn't look like I made much yesterday but I go carried away with that big whopper of a bead which took well over an hour to make if not longer as I didn't time it.

These efferte light teal 026 spacers are to go with a set of beads I have been working on and hope to list soon on Etsy.

I did a bit of investigating and decided to have another go with the Iris Gold frit that I purchased from Cheeky Cherub This was Effetre Straw Yellow 049, heated to a gather, dabbed in the frit, melted in and then used as a stringer over a barrel of clear then encased.
As you can see there is a little bit of colour but mostly an amber colour. I have read on the Frit Happens forum that there are bad rods of Straw Yellow but as I only have 1 rod of this I will have to wait to try again.

 Again this was Straw Yellow but this time I rolled it in the frit, added some twirls and then encased. There are some lovely blues in there but they are only visible in the light of a spotlight. it's still very dark with lots of brown.

And now for the piece de reistance. This was my second attempt at the Eastern Bead from Creative Lampwork by Joan Gordan. I got a bit carried away and as you can see it is far from perfect but I am really pleased with the effort.
It measures a whopping 44mm long by 24mm wide.

Glasses used were pretty much the same as the bead I made before.

CIM Peace. Effetre Light Voilet 041, Effetre Periwinkle 220, Effetre Orange 422 and Effetre Yellow Pastel 418.
This picture is of all four sides. I am thinking of putting these bead up for a blog giveaway so watch this space.

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