Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Unexpected surprises.

Have you ever done a search for your own business name and had a look to see what comes up?

I was looking for a photo on my tablet of some beads I had made but didn't have them saved on there so I thought I would have a look on Google Earthshinebeads to see if I could see them. Of course a lot of my own images came up but I was surprised to see some designs that I hadn't come across before (or at least didn't remember seeing them).

There was this picture of a necklace made with one of my toggle clasps that I haven't seen before.

Unfortunately the link doesn't work anymore so I don't know who made it without looking up who bought the clasp. It's rather scrummy, I must make some more like that.

Then I came across this blog post by Claire Lockwood of Something to do with your hands.

She made this pair of earrings and this bracelet with some of my butterfly wing beads that she bought at the Smitten Beads Open House earlier on this year.

I had no idea of this blog post on Art Bead Scene again by Claire Lockwood of Something to do with your hands.

She made this necklace with one of my headpins. It's the pink one on the copper squibble bead (???) at the centre of the necklace. I had a go at making these once and then didn't make any more - perhaps I should.

Another blog post this time from Monique of A Half-baked Notion.

I did a draw for this little chicken and Monique won it. I was a little upset to see that his beak is missing. It travelled a long way so I guess it came off in the post :-(

I hope you enjoyed this little selection.

Thanks for looking.


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