Thursday, 4 December 2014

Autumn inspiration - RHS Wisley

I know that Autumn is nearly over and we are venturing into Winter but when I went to RHS Wisley last week I took some photos of the flora and fauna. They were all taken with my phone so if the quality isn't that brilliant - please forgive me.

I was inspired to make these Autumn Leaves Earrings which are available for sale in my jewellery store for £14.95

Maybe these will give you a little bit of inspiration.

I've never seen fungus like this before!
This photo was taken inside one of the green houses. I loved the reflection  in the water but it was a shame you could see the frame of the green house as well.

and I really like this photo. I used to belong to a camera club and entered my photo's into competitions. I would have entered this one if I was still a member,

Thanks for looking.


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