Friday, 31 January 2014

Headpins and more

These are the headpins I made the day before yesterday

I'm a so enjoying making headpins and luckily my customers seem to like them too! I made some spotty dotty drops, a wacky heart, some jade green leaves and experimented with some other colours and then, for some strange reason, it popped into my head to have a go at making some flowers. A bit of a work in progress but I am pretty pleased with them.

I was having such fun yesterday I didn't want to stop but the kiln was a little bit full and it was 11.300pm.

First up I perfected my little rose headpins and yes I do mean little. Apologies for the state of my thumb!

Then I got to making some discs and rings, a little bit of enamel here and a few dots there. I love these.....

and these

and finally I went freeform, I just played and grabbed whatever glass was to hand. I have some ideas for these.....

I wonder what I will come up with next?

Thanks for looking.


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