Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A happy accident!

I had a couple of happy acccidents last week.

Firstly I have a love hate relationship with Iris Orange or Raku glass, it just doesn't do what it is supposed to do for me. I've been shown several times how to use it and no matter how hard I try it won't do it's thing.

Anyway I decided to have another try, I'm not sure what popped into my head when I made this bead but I just went with the flow and did a bit of stamping here, some cutting there and a bit of swirling, just playing really.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the kiln the next morning to find this big fishy

It does, doesn't it, look like a big fishy! But as usual I can't say that I got much colour out of the Iris Orange glass it still looks a nice bead.

You can find him for sale in my Etsy store

The second happy accident came about when I accidentally poured some Purple Rose frit that I had been using into a container of Double Helix Aurae frit, which by the way, is really expensive. Arrrgh panic moment, so I decided to get as much of the Purple Rose frit out as I could with a spoon.

Rather than waste the resulting mix of Purple Rose and Aurae I decided to make a headpin to see what it looked like, well, I liked it! So I made some more.

Aren't they pretty, lilac and purple shades with hints of gold, yum!

Thanks for looking.


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