Sunday, 23 September 2012

I Like

One of the things I like most about making lampwork beads is the shear diversity of the styles you can make. You will see what I mean with the beads I made last night.

First up 'Poppies' A base of Effetre Pale Emerald Green, decorated with iris orange frit and stringer of Effetre Uranium Yellow for the stems. The poppies are made using CIM Sangrie and Bright Red enamel.

I've etched the bead for a matt finish but the poppies have stayed shiny. I love this effect and this bead is now for sale in my Etsy store. Click on the photo to buy.

Poppy Floral Bead

Next up is 'Raku Flowers'. I belong to a group on Facebook called 'Bead Buddies' Vonnie, the lady who started it set up a challenge to combine Reichenbach Iris Orange with a transparent glass. My first two attempts were not that successful but I like this one.

This bead is also now for sale in my Etsy store. Click on the picture below to buy.

Floral Lampwork Bead

A while ago I visited the Stourbridge Festival of Glass. Whilst there I saw a set of candles and I took a photo as I thought they might make a good idea for a bead.

(I'll see if I can find the photo and add it later)

This is my interpretation. Needs a little more work but I'm getting there.

These three are made using Reichenbach Transparent Silver Brown. I am still experimenting with this glass and don't seem to be able to get consistant results but none the less I still like these beads.

Finally, because the dotty black bead is another story for another time. This hot pink bead was made using Highlight Violet pixie dust on CIM Clockwork.

It made a perfect addition to this bracelet that I have made using copper and hot pink orphan beads. The clasp is by Faith Bowman. Now available in my Etsy store. Click picture to buy.

Hot pink and copper bracelet

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