Thursday, 23 February 2012

Todays kiln haul

I have been very fortunate with my amount of kiln time this week. I have been torching most of today and this is what came out of the kiln this morning. I have decided that this blog is going to be a record of my progress as well as a reference for me to refer to. If I can help any other lampworkers in the process then all for the better.

I'm really pleased with these. They are Effetre Carribean Sea with Botany Bay Murrini from Cheeky Cherub. They are made using a pillow press to get the shape.

These two are some more beads made on 3mm mandrels to add to the purple pvc necklace I am making. The glasses I think are what's known as opals as they have a kind of frosted look to them. On the left is CIM Rose Quartz and on the right CIM Kryptonite. They have swirls of Reichenback Purple Rose on them. I found the CIM colours to be fairly stiff to work with but I love them.

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