Thursday, 23 February 2012

New delivery of frit.

I've enjoyed playing with my frit so much that I ordered some more from Cheeky Cherub in different colours.

This is Iris Gold fine frit. It is clear and changes colour when heated. I think it's supposed to be a gold colour. I reduced it which possibly wasn't the best idea as it's gone a sort of browny colour. It's quite nice but I will try again without the reduction.
 This is Sugar Pie Honey Bunch it's a really pretty blend of muted pinks and caramels.
 This is Love me do. It's a blend of opaque peaches and soft pinks.
 This one is Mellow Yellow. It's described as 'The varying colours of sand from palest champagne to deepest saffron and golden honey'.
 Here we have Cracklin' Rosie. The description for this one is 'Peaches and roses bloom with this delicious reactive blend'.

Here we have a frit of Iris Orange or Raku. I've not had much success with the glass in the rod so didn't hold out much hope with the frit as sure enough here are my results. It's doesn't look too bad on the Dark ivory but not much cop on the black. I have seen some lovely colours obtained on black beads so will have to do some research. Or, I've got a couple of classes coming up so may ask for a demo at one of those.

I can see now what other lampworkers were saying when they said 'you can never have too much glass or frit'. It is very addictive.

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