Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sundays Kiln Haul

Spent a lovely day on Sunday making more beads. Getting to the stage where it's hard to fit everything into the kiln without touching something. Haven't quite run out of mandrels yet but getting close.

Yet more spacers! These are from left Effetre Lt Amber, CIM Sangria, Effetre Teal, Effetre Amethyst, Effetre Rose Quartz.

I need some more work on striking the Sangria (red) as you can see they are a bit inconsistant. Can't wait to see what they look like etched.

I've decided to call these bobble beads until I can come up with something better. More experimenting following last times bead making.

After my inconsistant results with the Reichenbach Pearl Pink, I have decided to start making some test beads of my other pinks. This is CIM Dessert Pink and it's a lovely pale pink that stays exactly as it was in the rod - none of this working cool nonsense!

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