Sunday, 19 February 2012

Kugler Tabakhell B222

Inspired by these "Olive Rainbow Cocoon" beads by Anne Londoz which I found on Etsy, I thought they would make nice beads to go on the 3mm hollow pvc that I bought from Lush Lampwork.

I bought the purple, cerise pink and pale blue. I also bought some 3mm mandrels so that the hole in my beads would fit.

I was working in artificial light when I picked up this rod of Kugler Tabakhell I thought it looked like a nice olive green. What a surprise I got this morning when I pulled it out of the kiln. It turned out to be a lovely golden brown colour. Not what I was looking for at all but still a nice colour.

Here are the spiral beads I made to go on the purple tube. I used Reichenback Purple Rose on Effetre Tourquoise 232 and CIM Elphalba.

The three on the left are on 2mm mandrels whilst the 2 on the right are on the 3mm mandrels. I need a bit more practice dribbling the glass on the beads but I don't think they look too bad. Will have to buy some more mandrels otherwise I will only be making 2 at a time!

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