Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Hello again!

It's been almost a year since I posted in this here blog (shame on me). In my defence I have and am still struggling with a frozen shoulder :-(

I've had lots of treatment and it is slowly improving although I have the occasional setbacks when I over do it.

I have been back at the torch recently and creating items to sell in my Etsy store and for the local galleries that I have jewellery in.

I was checking my blog reading list when I spotted the May component of the month giveaway on the Art Elements blog site. I fell in love with these beautiful pendants made by Lesley Watt.

 So I decided that I hadn't made any jewellery other than the glass jewellery for the gallery and put my name in the hat to win one of these beauties and lo and behold I won! So excited and here's the pendant I received from Lesley.

I have an idea in mind of what I would like to create with it but unfortunately I have been overdoing it and need to rest my shoulder a little once I can get back on the torch I can bring my idea to fruition.

Pop back on the 30th May to see what I created.

Thanks for looking.

Linda x

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