Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The power of purple!

A little while ago I told you that I had started selling on two Facebook Groups, Lampwork Bead Market and Lampwork Beads for Sale. Most of the items I put up for sale are on auction which has made for some exciting times especially last night.

I put up this set of pink and purple orphan headpins on Sunday evening.

Let me just tell you about orphans. Orphans are beads (or in this case headpins) that were maybe experiments or odd ones from sets I have made.

I bought these cute little aluminium buckets from a garden centre and I put all my orphans in them in colourways, pink, blue, purple etc and when I have a little collection I put them together and then maybe make a couple of extra just to complete the set.

This is what I did with this pink and purple set. Now admittedly it is a cute set of orphans - but I didn't expect the response I got, it seems that purple is the favourite colour of a lot of people and you should see the comments and bids I got, here are just a few of them.

A bidding war ensued between one of my regular customers Noel Holub and a lady I have had the pleasure of meeting at The Gathering that I go to in the States Lisa Liddy. Now it seems that these 2 ladies know each other and Noel who already has a great deal of my headpins graciously bowed out so that the Lisa could have them as she was really determined. It was a close run thing as another bid was put in near the end but soon Lisa counter bid and won them for a whopping $67 that's £43.93 for us Brits. Lisa told me that she was so worried that she was going to get 'sniped' at the end but luckily she didn't.

I think I shall be making more purple 'orphans' in the near future!

Thanks for looking.


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