Thursday, 15 January 2015

Pantone Spring Colours 2015 Woodbine and Treetop

It's the turn of the greens today Woodbine and Treetop

Looking here at the image on my computer it looks a bit different to the one I printed out, here it is more olive and on my printout more lime green, oh well what's a girl to do?

Here is the glass I picked out.

Apparently I'm a bit challenged at photographing green glass as well lol! Again, they look a bit different under my daylight studio lights than they do in natural daylight. Maybe I should try and take some during the daytime, it's just that the weather is so pants at the moment.

From left to right Effetre Lime Green 212, CIM Mojito, CIM Sherwood, Effetre Petrol Green and Effetre Dark Teal 027.

I don't have a huge amount in frit and enamels in the green but I chose, Enamel Moss Green 9350 and I'm sorry but the frit doesn't have a label, I think it's a Val Cox frit and looks like it might have some green aventurine in there. I had a quick look but couldn't see it.

I have these rings made using Petrol Green in my Etsy store: I don't think they are too bad a match, perhaps a tad on the bluer side.

I also have this necklace which I think fits the bill perfectly. The focal bead in one of Bo Hulley Beads pendants and it's available to buy in my webstore:

And sadly that is all I have got to show you. Obviously green is not one of my favourite go to colours :-(

Thanks for looking.


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