Friday, 16 January 2015

Pantone Spring Colours 2015 Lucite Green and Scuba Blue

This is my next post in the series based on the new Pantone Colours for Spring 2015. Today it is Lucite Green and Scuba Blue.

Oh dear, as soon as I put this image up I can see that it is different from the one I printed out. To show you the difference I have taken a photo of it with my phone

as you can see there is quite a difference in the Scuba Blue and it looks even darker on the printout which is what I used to pick the glass colours. Oh well.....

I admit to being a bit lazy today. Rather than take the photo's using my studio daylight lights I used my phone and took them in daylight. We actually saw some sun today!

From the left Cim Mint Lozenge, very similar to one of my favourite glasses Kryptonite, Effetre light turquoise 232 and I don't know what this one is called but it's a veiled cane from GG Glass.

From the enamels I have chosen Oxford Blue and Gray Blue Green and the frit is from Val Cox and called Fairydust.

Looking through my Etsy store I have this pretty earring pair which match quite well

I think my Seafoam spacer bead mix work well too

In my jewellery store I think this necklace fits the bill

Well that's it for today.

Thanks for looking.


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