Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Pantone Spring Colours 2015 Tangerine and Custard

Yesterday I shared with you the glass colours I had found to go with the new Pantone Spring Colours 2015 Strawberry Ice and Marsala. Today it's the turn of Tangerine and Custard.

I didn't come up with a lot. It's not that I don't have a fair amount of yellow or orange glass in my stash, I do, it's just that they weren't quite the right shade. This is what I came up with:

I know what you are going to say, that middle rod looks nothing like yellow. For some reason it looked totally different under my daylight studio lights.

From left to right: Effetre Apricot Yellow E419 (I love this colour), Effetre Transparent Kelp 090 (which actually sounds like it might be green. I haven't actually made any beads with it so it may come out a completely different colour when used.) and Vetrofond Banana Cream. This is an odd lot which means once it is gone there will be no more :-(

I am definitely challenged when it comes to photographing yellow. I have selected Golden Rod enamel 9250 and Mellow Yellow frit by Cheeky Frit Blends. I admit I do not have a lot of yellow in my frit collection.

Here are a few items from my Etsy store that match these colours.

Thanks for looking.


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