Friday, 23 August 2013

Trip to The Gathering, Rochester, New York 2013 - Part 7

I apologise the delay in my posts, been a busy bunny.

The mini workshop tonight was 'Easy Metal Etching, Embossing and Colouring' by Lisa Liddy.

Debbie and Torri were on the workshop with me. It's strange how we had chosen mostly the same workshops even though we didn't know each other then.

I was really keen to do this workshop as I had just started experimenting with Vintaj patinas at home and had never done any etching or used the Vintaj Embossing machine although had seen it being used in online videos.

Usually with the workshop the teacher does a demonstation and then we have a go. That didn't happen this time. She talked us through how she does etching at home and showed us how to sit the metal in the etching fluid

Then she told us about a different method of etching which was much more suitable to a classroom setting but that she had taken the tutorial (with permission) from someone else. I'm not going to tell you what we learned as that wouldn't be fair. But here's a couple of pics of the peice I etched.

The next step was applying the patina to the piece we etched but again she didn't show us what to do but talked us through it so we were never quite sure if we were doing the right thing or not.
We could use the embossing machine which she did show us how to use but unfortunately the copper I brought with me was too thick.

We were all struggling to get a good coverage with the patinas, even with 4 coats I wasn't happy and I told Lisa that I had been playing with Vintaj patinas and in my opinion the coverage was a lot better with those.
I have to say I was really hacked off. I had been hoping to learn a lot on this course and instead I had learnt more myself at home.
I gave all the materials pack to my friend Debbie and just kept the metal because I can re-patina this at home. To be fair Lisa did refuse to take the materials fee of $65 as I wasn't happy.
I know that Debbie and Tori and Patrice who was sitting on my other side weren't very pleased with their results either (especially as Lisa was wearing a patinated necklace that looked far better that our attempts) but they didn't want to make a fuss. (I've sinced been told that Lisa's patina's are transparent and Vintajs patina's are opaque which would count for the difference)
Still we live and learn and move on to OPEN TORCH!
Open torch is where anyone can get to have a play on the torch of their dreams or watch talented lampworkers doing their stuff.
I didn't have a play but was happy to watch and then head off to bed with more exciting things to look forward too tomorrow.
Next post coming soon.
Thanks for looking.

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