Monday, 4 March 2013

Studio Update

Back in January of last year I showed you a picture of my lampwork studio

Since then it has grown a bit. More glass and 2 oxycons meant I had to have a change around. That table really wasn't going to take the weight.

Here are the photos of how it looks now.

The little packs on the right hand side are my latest idea for frit storage. I wanted to get some of those magnetic glass jars from Ikea last time I was there but they only had a display set. I decided they were a little big and would cost a lot considering how much frit I have.

I came across an idea of storing tools along the side of the bench using magnetic strips and found some on Ebay, not very expensive £2.99 I think. Unfortunately they weren't man enough for the job. Then I thought of doing this on an old back of a washing machine.

I'm not sure if it will work for long. I imagine that the sticky on the magnets will fail over time - especially in the heat of the conservatory. But it's nice to be able to see what I have and to hand rather than rooting around in a bag in the drawer.

This is how I store my most used stringers. I have to say the ones in the first row are easy to get at, the rest aren't and I usually end up breaking some.

I was fortunate enough to come across this little set of shelves in the Rotary Club annual sale. Only £4 what a bargain and brilliant for storing my presses, murrini and mica powder.

Something else I got at the sale was this calor gas fire. £5 including the (empty) gas bottle. I can now heat the conservatory until it is really toasty without my other half moaning about the electric bill!

and finally my kiln and glass stash. It's grown a but but still not as much as my friend Sue's got.

Thanks for looking.



  1. Lol - you haven't been collecting as long as I have, bet you catch up and go past me! Lovely to see your studio set up:)

  2. I love getting organised with storage. I just need to stop buying new stock/tools, etc so I don't have to keep buying more storage!

  3. Lol, no one has as much as Sue has! lovely and bright your studio set up :)


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