Sunday, 31 March 2013

Earring Challenge Reveal 6 (weeks 11-12/52)

Well, it's that time yet again. Sorry I've not been on here much lately. Been struggling with shoulder and neck problems and therefore trying not to spend too much time on the computer.

I couldn't resist making last weeks earrings with another pair of Faith Bowman's Triangle Dangles and brass earwires. I made this pair of lampwork beads with Effetre transparent baby blue and Double Helix Gaia. then I took a pair of Czech flower beads from Rebecca Anderson Curious Bead Shop.

They are available for sale in my new Etsy Jewellery Shop

This weeks pair were something I've had laying around for a while and finally finished. A great way to use the little spacer beads I sell. These were made using Reichenbach Coral Pink glass which is 96coe and came from Caroline Beadbug.

They are also available for sale

Claire Lockwood made her earrings with a pair of my headpins. You can see them on the AJE Revel here:

Thanks for looking and please have a look at the other reveals.



  1. I like both of them, very nice. The lampwork in the first pair go nicely wit.h the triangles and flower beads

  2. Pretty creations! The colors on the first set is so pretty!

  3. Nice collection and fantastic job you have done. You have a very creative mind I must say. You are doing good job. Keep it up.


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